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Concrete Jungle Arts showcases the work of artist and writer, Kenneth McCracken be it in art, the written word or web & multimedia design. If you're looking for pretentious art chat then you've come to the wrong place I'm afraid! At Concrete Jungle Arts we keep it simple. We want to make your eyes happy. We offer stunning modern art for sale as well as books written by Kenneth McCracken and we need you to do it, because you are awesome!


Browse our galleries of original modern art by Kenneth McCracken and allow him into your home or business through one of the pieces of work offered for sale. You deserve it. From pop art styles, to modern graphic to colour blends we'll always have something to get that mouth of yours watering and if we've not, then simply tell us what you want and we can look at introducing it. Be warned, music themed paintings will always get priority over a painting of your mum's dog! Visit the Art Shop pages for further details and to purchase online.

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Our gallery and shop pages are updated regularly so we'd love you to keep popping back whenever you can. 


 A Cash Withdrawal is the latest novel by Kenneth McCracken. A love story twisted in a world of crime, sex, drugs, music and heartbreak. Four characters from different worlds reveal their Christmas time story, stories that bring those different worlds colliding together, ripping families apart and leaving a future full of doubt for some. Set in Glasgow, the story follows Dec, a man who is only happy when relieving banks and individuals of their funds to use for his own entertainment. Joe Garvie, a man who makes a career from insurance claim fire raising. Then there is Pete and Sandra, friends destined to be lovers but life can be cruel. Add DCI McConnell into the mix, a man of sick mind, and join these characters in a snapshot of their lives that will follow in more detail in future books by the author. Available now on Amazon on both Kindle and in paperback. Click on any of the book image to purchase.

Another Share From Concrete Jungle Arts.