A sample poem from the book The Itchy Eye by Kenneth McCracken

Another Share From Concrete Jungle Arts.

My Darling Daughter.

Who once was a baby,
Held in my arms,
Now a young lady,
Full of beauty and charms.
And loving her more,
Than life itself,
My heart rich with,
No greater wealth.
My daughter filled with hope, and love.
No angel sent from high above.
But made from me,
And of my soul,
My darling daughter makes me whole.
My darling daughter,
Makes me proud,
I want to shout her name aloud.
And tell the world just what I’ve got.
A gift so rare,
That can’t be bought.
A gift so rare for me to treasure,
With love so pure,
I cannot measure.
A love with words cannot be spoken,
A bond so true that can’t be broken.
This life so young,
For her to live.
Is full of love she’ll freely give.
Is full of hope and inspiration.
So proud that she,
Is my creation.
I’ll love her till the day I die,
Never doubt or question why,
Be by her side,
Will hold her hand,
And guide her through,
Times shifting sand.
Through all her good times, and her bad.
To make her smile, when she is sad.
To make her brave,
When she is scared.
To make sure she’s always prepared.
To give her space when she will need it.
Give advice, and hope she’ll heed it.
And stand by her as she will need me,
Along this road,
That she will lead me.

Another Share From Concrete Jungle Arts.

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