A sample poem from Itch Your Teeth If They Are Scratchy by Kenneth McCracken

Another Share From Concrete Jungle Arts.

Wedding Bells

A lovely old couple, who each had been widowed,
Found love with each other once more.
And though their desires had long time since mellowed,
For each other they only had eyes for.
Urged on by their friends and each set of relations,
The question of marriage was sought.
And all were delighted and planned celebrations,
And a sparkling new gold ring was bought.

He'd asked the question while bent on one knee,
And she blushed with a tear in her eye.
For your loving new husband, will you please take me?
I most certainly will came her reply.
The date was set and the venue selected,
For this octogenarian couple so proud.
With everything set and no detail neglected,
The plans for their joining avowed.

On the night before nuptials and the exchanging of rings,
The pair went alone for a meal.
To discuss how their marriage might work, and such things,
Just to gauge how the other might feel.
They talked of finances and where they would live,
Of habits that may in time annoy.
They discussed compromise and of how each should give,
To ensure this new life they'd enjoy.

Then finally the old man he sat up in his stool,
And decided the time was now right.
To discuss their physical relationship rule,
All the stuff that folk do in the night.
He asked rather tentatively what about sex?
Not intending to scare or to blush.

And hoped that her answer would not be complex,
But his question was met with a hush.

I just wouldn't like to assume or suppose,
What your fancies were when you might have such.
So I thought I would ask you so you may disclose,
Just how often you'd like to feel my touch.
She patted her lips and then patted her brow,
Then looked across into his eyes.
Are you asking me how often sex I'll allow,
Then her answer took him by surprise.

I'd like it infrequently his bride to be said,
I'm sorry if that does upset you.
The old boy then asked with a scratch at his head,
Did you just use one word or two?

Another Share From Concrete Jungle Arts.

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